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The star of earthquake-resistant reinforcement

Feb. 13, 2019

Today, the planting bar technology has been widely used in building seismic strengthening and concrete reinforcement projects. Especially in the southwestern earthquake zone, many buildings, especially old ones, are reinforced with planting bar adhesive to greatly improve the seismic resistance of the houses.



The main principle of the reinforcement of the planting bar technology is: firstly, the reinforced adhesive is used to bond the steel bar and the concrete, and the reinforced adhesive has an anchoring force on the steel bar, so that the bonding strength and the mechanical biting force generated by the anchor bar and the substrate bear the pull and load. When the planting bar reaches a certain anchoring depth, and the implanted steel bar has a strong tensile force, the new concrete is poured, so that the old and new reinforced concrete can be effectively connected, thereby cooperating and overall stress.


As a commonly used seismic strengthening technology, the planting bar reinforcement technology has the advantages of small working surface, high work efficiency, strong adaptability, wide application range, good overall performance of the anchoring structure and low price.


In addition, because there are many old buildings in the earthquake zone, planting bar technology not only reduces the engineering quantity of the seismic strengthening and reconstruction project, but also reduces the damage to the original structural members. This is because when connecting new and old components, it is only necessary to drill holes in the planting parts, and then use chemical anchoring agent as the binder of steel and concrete, so that the steel bars can be well bonded to the concrete without having to carry out a large amount of excavation and digging. The engineering quantity and cost are greatly reduced.


In the construction of the earthquake zone, it is common for Nanjing Mankate MT-500 to be used. This model is a two-component package, which is fully mixed by mixing nozzles. It is suitable for anchoring steel bars in concrete and granite. It has long construction time, fast load bearing, anti-vibration, anti-shock, fatigue resistance, anti-humid heat aging, acid and alkali resistance, no creep and other characteristics. Some important projects, such as the Chinese Embassy in Côte d'Ivoire, the Chinese Embassy in Angola, Tianwan Nuclear Power, and Xi'an Jiaotong University, this product has been used! If you are interested in this low temperature planting bar adhesive product, please call our one-stop service hotline: 400-894-5118.


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