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Construction examples, requirements for concrete substrates in building reinforcement

Jan. 23, 2019

The emergence of planting bars adhesive has solved many problems in the project. For example, through reasonable planting of steel bars, it can solve the problems of new beams and columns, extension of components or increase of stressed steel bars in actual engineering.


In October of this year, Nanjing Mankate Technology supplied 1200 kg of planting bar adhesive for the Tanglin Yufu project. We will use this project to explain the requirements for concrete substrates in the use of planting bar adhesive.

1. The use of building reinforcement technology has certain requirements for the concrete substrates. In the "Specifications", relevant provisions are made: when the newly added members are cantilevered members, the concrete strength grade of the original members shall not be lower than C25. When the new components are other structures, the concrete strength grade of the original components shall not be lower than C20, and there shall be no local defects. If there are local defects, strengthening or reinforcement treatment shall be carried out first. For the concrete-concrete components (including the members whose stress-reinforcing steel reinforcement ratio is lower than the minimum reinforcement percentage), the planting bars shall be designed according to the anchor bolts. The concrete reinforcement of the base material is beneficial to the transmission and diffusion of the anchor steel load to a wider range, which is beneficial to the improvement of the anchoring force. Generally, the higher the strength of the base material is, the higher and the tighter anchoring of the reinforcement is.

2. In the actual building reinforcement projects, we often encounter the problem that the substrate reinforcement is too dense, which makes the hole formation difficult. And the larger the diameter of the anchor reinforcement is, the more prominent the problem is. For example, in the design of the column rib of the Yulin Yufu project, a 25-bar reinforced rib is designed to have a hole diameter of 31 mm, but sometimes the base rib has a clearance of only 28 mm, which makes it impossible to form a hole. Thanks to the strong anchoring force of NJMKT planting bar adhesive, it is similar to pre-buried. It has no expansion stress, small margin spacing, quick installation, rapid solidification and saves construction time. At this time we can combine two 18 planting ribs with equivalent area Instead of replacing it. The short hole diameter of the hole is only 22 mm, which solves the problem that the hole cannot be formed. In order to prevent concrete cracking and eliminate the adverse effects of group anchors, the spacing of the planting bars is required to be at least 5d. Some components such as beams have limited cross-section dimensions, and the holes that can be drilled are also limited. In this case, the adjacent two reinforcing bars can also be combined. The anchoring depth is calculated according to the requirements of the steel bar diameter corresponding to the combined total area.


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