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Carbon fiber cloth for steel structure pillar reinforcement, more with less!

Dec. 24, 2018

In the construction project, it is often necessary to do the seismic, tensile and shear reinforcement of the existing building structural members due to the increase in the building load, the change in the function of the project, the aging of the material, the lower strength of the concrete than the design value, the structural cracks, and the harsh environment. 

The reinforcement of the steel structure column is often reinforced by the lateral wrapping of the carbon fiber cloth. The reinforcement principle is that the carbon fiber cloth can make the steel structure column wrapped in the three-way pressure state. The restraining effect of carbon fiber cloth on the formation of steel structure column is a passive constraint. As the axial force of the column increases, the transversely expanded carbon fiber cloth produces a circumferential extension, thereby achieving the purpose of lateral restraint.


The reason why the carbon fiber cloth is used for reinforcement is that the carbon fiber has a relatively light weight, is relatively simple in the construction process, can wrap different structural forms, and does not require special maintenance. Second, it has good toughness and can significantly improve the pressure-resistant, tensile and shear-resistant capabilities of the reinforced components. Third, the carbon fiber cloth has good performance against high temperature, corrosion and wear, and has a long service life. Fourth, its construction is environmentally friendly. The requirements are relatively low, no matter what kind of environment it is used, it will not affect the performance of the product.

Here to remind you, when choosing carbon fiber cloth, it depends on the flatness of the carbon cloth before cutting and the flatness after cutting, which is the first step to identify good and bad carbon fiber cloth. As shown below, this is the carbon fiber cloth produced by Nanjing Mankate (it has been widely used in Nanjing Metro Line 3, Chengya Expressway, China Aerospace Building, Nanjing Gulou Hospital, Dabaoen Temple, etc.).


8 times tensile

The carbon fiber produced by Mankate is made of carbon wire, which is highly flat and cut without distraction. Its tensile strength can be as high as 8 times steel.

No fear of high and low temperature

Mankate carbon fiber glue and Mankate carbon fiber cloth constitute a complete carbon fiber reinforced system, which are high temperature resistant and no fear -50 ° C - 200 ° C.


Mankate carbon fiber cloth has passed the rigorous "Technical Specification for Safety Evaluation of Engineering Reinforcement Materials" (this standard is not a general carbon fiber cloth can pass!), if you are interested in the carbon fiber cloth produced by Nanjing Mankate, you can go directly to Nanjing Mankate. The official website ( consults online customer service, or call 400-894-5118 for telephone consultation.

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