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Carbon fiber cloth: a new material that can be applied to pipeline corrosion reinforcement technology

Dec. 10, 2018

Carbon fiber cloth reinforcement technology is a new type of repair technology with the best overall performance. It has a wide range of applications and can provide technical support for online repair of defective equipment or pipelines, and plays an active role in ensuring long-term operation of production equipment. The use of this technology can not only enhance the local corrosion of the original part of the pipeline support part, but also repair the pipeline under the premise of not returning the material and not moving the fire, and solve a major problem in the pipelines of shutdowns and overhauls of the local corrosion of the support at the support device but cannot be carried out.



Corrosion state of the pipeline

Including uniform corrosion; partial corrosion; heterogeneous metal corrosion, that is, when there is a small amount of moisture, two different metals form a small battery or a corroded battery. At the contact interface of the two metals in the exposed atmosphere, the metal with a negative potential is corroded. It usually appears in the form of slit-like pits, which often appear at the bottom of the pipe support. For these corrosion states, glass fibers used in the past have been used as repair materials. However, since the elastic modulus of glass fibers is about 70 GPa and the actual elastic modulus of the pipe is about 200 GPa, the bond strength and coordination ability are insufficient. Carbon fiber materials and steel pipes have similar elastic modulus and higher strength, which is a suitable choice in repair engineering.

Carbon fiber cloth coating is mainly based on temperature factors in service conditions, external corrosion factors of pipeline surface, structural strength factors and height factors of pipeline surface defects. The standards that can be used include AP1579, E/ASME FFS-1. ASME B32G, ASME PPC-2. API R P581, "Special Equipment Safety Law of the People's Republic of China". The construction process can be simply summarized as: pre-treatment, caulking, wrapping carbon fiber cloth, curing and post-treatment.



Therefore, carbon fiber cloth is a suitable material that can be applied to pipeline corrosion reinforcement technology. If you have a similar engineering problem, then the carbon fiber cloth produced by Nanjing Mankate Technology Co., Ltd. can be your choice. It uses imported carbon wire and has excellent properties such as high strength and corrosion resistance. If you are interested in this product, please call our one-stop service hotline: 400-894-5118.


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