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What should we do if the pre-buried channel in the tunnel is rusted?

Nov. 07, 2018

The embedded channel has gradually emerged in China in recent years due to its convenience and excellent performance. It can be seen in many important engineering fields, such as high-speed rail, subway, glass curtain wall and underground integrated pipe gallery.



Generally speaking, the material of the pre-buried channel is mainly made of metal. In the long-term use, especially in a humid environment such as a tunnel, it is prone to rust. Once the rust in the pre-buried channel in the tunnel occurs, the consequences will be unimaginable. Severely, the rusted pre-buried channels have insufficient supporting force and will appear breakage. The contact net is likely to fall on the running train due to insufficient support of the pre-buried channel.


Therefore, you should pay attention to the following problems when using the pre-buried channel. Firstly, the surface needs to be treated before use to ensure that there are no dust and other debris on the surface. And then the storage environment should be placed in a dry place as much as possible. Dont put it in the humid environment and avoid some strong acid and alkali substances, which can prevent the surface from reacting. In the same way, daily maintenance during the use process is also very important, which can effectively extend the service life of the embedded channel.



In addition to the purchase of pre-buried channels, especially when using the pre-buried channels in tunnels, we must choose high-quality anti-corrosion products. For example, the tunnel pre-buried channel products of Nanjing Mankate are manufactured by using materials such as Q235B or special requirements for the tunnel environment. Surface anti-corrosion is: hot-dip galvanized plating 45um; high anti-corrosion coating 10um can adapt to long-term use in humid environment. It is certainly your choice.


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