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The scheme of pasting carbon fiber cloth to reinforce beams (combination of graphics and text)

Sep. 16, 2018

Two days ago, we shared with you the proposal of affixing carbon fiber cloth to strengthen the bottom of the board. Today, we will share the plan of reinforcing the beams with carbon fiber cloth. We hope to help everyone.

1. Substrate treatment; use the electric tool to polish the concrete base surface, and remove the convex hull and the sharp corner of the stone. The right angle region of the beam is polished into an arc shape with a rounding radius 20 mm. You do not need to polish the lower corner areas of the beams without U-shaped hoop.


2. Repair the base pits; use the mixed leveling glue to scrape the concave areas of the concrete surface so that the base surface of the bonding area can be smooth, so as to facilitate the subsequent bonding of carbon fiber cloth (dont use concrete repair; secondary structure has no bonding strength, which will affect the patch effect).


3. First attach the carbon fiber cloth at the bottom of the beam, select the corresponding carbon fiber cloth according to the width of the beam. When encountering the beam with the width of 350mm, the specification of the carbon fiber cloth doesnt have the width of 350mm, and the carbon fiber cloth with the specification of 200mm+150mm is not left empty and put together; the bottom of the beam should be pasted with 3 layers of grade I carbon fiber cloth.


4. According to the drawings or specifications, paste the U-shaped hoop. The U-shaped carbon fiber cloth should be selected 20cm width, and the paste is applied according to the required 10cm clear spacing, that is, the distance from the edge of the carbon fiber cloth to the edge is 10cm.



5. Add a carbon fiber bead on the top of the beam with 15cm width of specification.


6. Within 1~2 hours after the entire pasting area is pasted, spread the coarse sand evenly to the pasting area to facilitate subsequent application of the mortar.


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