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Epoxy resin planting-bar adhesive is useless? That's because you don't know this.

Sep. 10, 2018

What is the density of epoxy resin planting-bar adhesive?

Different epoxy resin planting-bar adhesive have different densities. The density of epoxy resin planting-bar glue produced by each epoxy resin manufacturer is different, which generally should be 1.6-1.8g/cm3.


What is the amount of epoxy resin planting-bar adhesive required per square? How to calculate?

The amount of epoxy resin planting-bar adhesive must be filled with the annular space between the steel and concrete holes, which can be calculated by a fixed formula. The formula is: W=0.785(2D-2d)*L*V*K. W in the formula represents the amount of glue; D represents the diameter of the drill hole; d represents the diameter of the steel bar; L represents the depth of the drilled control; V represents the specific gravity of the epoxy resin planting-bar adhesive is 2; K represents the richness factor is 1.1.


Why is the epoxy resin planting-bar adhesive two-component? Shouldnt one-component epoxy resin planting-bar adhesive be more convenient to construct?

The epoxy resin used in planting steel has higher requirements on strength and durability. However, due to external factors such as construction environment, conditions and process, it is required that the epoxy resin must be cured well and have a certain operable time. (Generally >30 minutes), so a two-component epoxy resin composed of a main agent and a curing agent is produced, which not only solves the above problems, but also facilitates storage.



Nanjing Mankate MT-500 injection epoxy resin planting-bar adhesive is a two-component package, which is fully mixed by mixing nozzles. It is suitable for anchoring steel bars in concrete and granite. It has long construction time, fast load, shock resistance and impact resistance. It is resistant to fatigue, anti-aging, acid and alkali. It has no creep. The modified bisphenol resin contains no styrene, no odor and is non-toxic. The construction is convenient and it meets the needs of the project.


After many customers have planted steel bars or screws, they want to do experiments and field pull tests, but do you know the curing time of epoxy resin is directly related to the temperature? The higher the temperature, the faster the curing; the lower the temperature, the slower the curing.


Generally, the epoxy resin has a summer formula and a winter formula. When used, the winter formula should not be used in the summer, because the temperature in summer is too high for the winter formula, and the curing is fast. The summer formula cant be used in winter because the curing is very slow, and the glue becomes very thick and difficult to stir. The picture below shows the curing time of Mankate epoxy resin planting-bar adhesive, so you can refer to it.


Construction process of using Mankate MT-500 epoxy resin reinforced adhesive for reinforcement:

1, punching

Drill holes according to the dimensions required by the design drawings.

2, cleaning hole

After blowing with a brush and drilling the hole, using a high-pressure water gun to blow off the mud ash in the hole, and then using a special brush to brush off the loose concrete on the surface of the hole wall. Finally, cleaning the hole with a high-pressure water gun and keep it for use.

3, injecting glue

Putting the injection nozzle (mixer) of MT500 onto the plastic bottle, check that the injection nozzle must have a spiral tube or refuse to use it. Do not remove the spiral tube in the injection nozzle at the site; install the glue bottle with a special glue gun and squeeze it at a constant speed. The glue of the first three shots should be rounded off, insert the glue injection nozzle into the bottom of the hole, and slowly insert the glue and the normal injection amount is 2/3 of the hole volume. The plastic bottle injection nozzle should also be replaced with a new one. Then the glue nozzle is removed and the glue outlet is wiped clean. The nut is tightened for reuse.

4, planting bars

After filling the glue, slowly insert the rebar or ribbed steel into the bottom of the hole in a clockwise direction. It is better if little glue overflows, we need to wipe off the excess glue.

5, maintenance

Allow the anchoring glue to solidify naturally. The curing time is based on the temperature referring to MT500 curing schedule. During the curing period, the screw should not be rotated or tapped.


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