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How to choose prestressed carbon fiber board reinforcement and bonded steel plate reinforcement?

Sep. 01, 2018

With the emergence of new material prestressed carbon fiber board, the reinforcement family has gradually become more and more prosperous, and new materials have also brought new reinforcement methods, but traditional reinforcement methods have also been challenged. So how do you choose? What advantages does the new prestressed carbon fiber reinforcement method have over conventional bonded steel plate reinforcement?

Let's first understand what is prestressed carbon fiber board reinforcement?


The Mankate prestressed carbon fiber sheet reinforcement system consists of pre-stressed carbon fiber board and rigid anchors at both ends. Pre-stressing is applied to the pre-stressed carbon plate by the clamping of the clips at both ends so that the carbon plate is permanently anchored to the concrete. The pre-compressive stress is applied to the concrete along the direction in which the structural member is bent. The stress hysteresis of the post-added components can be eliminated or slowed down to work with the original components. It can reduce the crack width of the original component, or even completely close it, delay the occurrence and development of concrete cracks.



What are the advantages of prestressed carbon fiber sheets compared to conventional bonded steel sheets?

The tensile strength is 7-10 times than that of the same section steel. The weight is light, easy to use, easy to operate and does not require large mechanical equipment. It has strong corrosion resistance and durability compared with steel and does not change the shape and weight of components after the reinforcement.


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