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The transportation in Nanjing is convenient, thanks to carbon fiber cloth.

Aug. 28, 2018

Recently, a piece of exciting news has been circulated on the Internet. Jiangsu Expressway Network Plan (2017-2030) is in the first public announcement stage of the EIA. In this plan, by 2030, Jiangsu will form a seven verticals and ten horizontals”. The highway network of the union   has a total mileage of about 6,500 kilometers. By then, the time for Nanjing to reach all parts of the province will be greatly shortened. Behind this plan it is the carbon fiber cloth that silently supported.


Everyone knows that between the two points, the line is the shortest. In order to pursue the efficiency of the expressway, the place where the road passes is met with a mountain and a hole in the water. Wherever there are bridges and tunnels that need to be reinforced, you can see the figure of carbon fiber cloth, because the excellent performance of carbon fiber cloth can effectively achieve waterproof, moisture and corrosion resistance. The domestic manufacturer of carbon fiber cloth with 15 years of production experience, Nanjing Mankate carbon fiber cloth can be constructed underwater, and even if the hole is wet and leaking, it can be safely constructed without being affected. It is suitable for tensile, shear and seismic strengthening and reinforcement of civil engineering, bridges, tunnels and concrete structures.


Since its establishment 15 years ago, Nanjing Mankate has been widely used in Nanjing Metro Line 3, Chengya Expressway, China Aerospace Building, Nanjing Gulou Hospital, Dabaoen Temple and other projects. It has a good reputation in the industry and is worthy of your trust.

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