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Where can we buy good and affordable carbon fiber cloth?

Aug. 23, 2018

Recently, a piece of news hit the internet. Jiangsu Wuxi Taiyue Resort Hotel recently launched a high-priced "tea egg", which costs 2899 yuan and has limited supply of one hundred. This practice reminds netizens of the joke that "continental" People can't afford the tea eggs. We didn't expect this hotel to really do it. Under the guise of the public, the hidden price of the manufacturer and the Chinese consumers are often blinded by opaque consumption. Just like the new carbon fiber cloth market, it is difficult to buy good and economical carbon fiber cloth.


Fortunately, it is the information society now and there are enough channels to screen carbon fiber cloth. After a small series of searches, Nanjing Mankate carbon fiber cloth sales are high and well evaluated. After summarizing, Mankate carbon fiber cloth has the following characteristics: high strength, fatigue resistance, durability, corrosion resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient.


And Mankate carbon fiber cloth is made of imported Toray carbon wire as the original yarn. It is one of the few enterprises in China that uses imported carbon fiber to produce carbon fiber cloth. Toray carbon wire is also the leader in carbon wire. Its carbon fiber cloth is made of raw material with high flatness and cut without distracting. It has flexible winding forming, light weight, no increase in component weight, and does not change the cross-sectional dimension of the components.


As for the price, safety is the most important as an important reinforcement material. Mankate carbon fiber cloth can meet your needs with the same quality. Welcome to call to purchase.

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