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Is it necessary for the old house to be earthquake-resistant?

Aug. 16, 2018

China is a country with frequent natural geological disasters, and many areas are in the earthquake zone. However, from the perspective of life experience, many people tell us that their hometowns have never suffered from earthquakes for hundreds of years, so there is no need to use earthquake-resistant reinforcement of old houses with carbon fiber cloth. In fact, this view is definitely wrong. The earthquake-resistant reinforcement of old houses does not depend on whether earthquakes occur frequently, but because old houses will cause structural damage after experiencing wind and rain. At this time, carbon fiber cloth is needed to do the earthquake reinforcement. 


Then, how to determine whether the structure of the house is stable, and whether it is necessary to use carbon fiber cloth for seismic strengthening? It can be judged by the following places.

The first is to check whether the reinforcement of the beam and the metal connector and the fastener connection are stable.

The second is to see if the concrete on the exterior wall shows signs of cracking.

The third is to see if the slabs and girders are overloaded and cracked.


In addition to the above three points, there are many places where it can be seen that there are problems with the structure of the house and potential safety hazards. If you are not sure, you can consult Nanjing Mankate experts to provide professional technical support for your project. At the same time, with 15 years of carbon fiber cloth production experience, Mankate can also provide you with a variety of models and specifications of carbon fiber cloth products to help you use in a variety of reinforcement scenarios.

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