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Can the carbon fiber cloth reinforcement of slabs increase the load-bearing capacity?

Aug. 02, 2018

With the change of time and the baptism of the years, many old houses began to have various problems, including wall cracking, and more seriously, some floor slabs will also have problems, such as displacement to the inside after being used for many years. The depressions in the middle parts are arc-shaped, cracked or even the steel bars at the bottom of the beam and the prestressed steel bars are exposed, causing corrosion. These problems will cause serious reduction in the service life of the building, posing a huge safety hazard to the residents living. Therefore, many projects will choose to use carbon fiber cloth for slab reinforcement.


The commonly used method after the damage of the floor is carbon fiber cloth reinforcement. A layer of carbon fiber cloth is attached to the inner side of the floor and the side beam, the bottom of the beam and the outside. Usually, it is stuck under the floor. Most of the floor slabs are characterized by the middle part being bent downwards, so the lower part should be pasted to improve the bending resistance.


After reinforcement with carbon fiber cloth, the load-bearing capacity of the floor will be greatly increased. It is also key to use good carbon fiber cloth for pasting. It is recommended that you choose 15 years of professional carbon fiber cloth manufacturer - Nanjing Mankate, and it is recommended to use the matching Mankate carbon fiber glue together. Mankate carbon fiber glue has anti-humid, heat and aging for 50 years! The patent is resistant to high and low temperatures, and is available at 135 degrees over zero and minus 5 degrees. Non-toxic Mankate carbon fiber glue and Mankate carbon fiber cloth can form a complete carbon fiber cloth reinforcement system to ensure your home safety.

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