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Shared wheelchairs appear in Hangzhou, carbon fiber cloth helps the shared economy!

Jul. 12, 2018

In Hangzhou, the city with the strongest innovation in the country, the shared economy has evolved into a new model, which is shared wheelchairs. The shared wheelchairs have already been used in some hospitals in Hangzhou. You can only scan the code, pay the deposit, unlock it, and it can be easily used in a few simple steps. It has brought great convenience for the patients. It is understood that the carbon fiber is the main material of the wheelchair. The carbon fiber-built wheelchair body is light in weight and strong in strength, and can well meet the needs of patients. The carbon fiber cloth constitutes a chair surface and can withstand a large pressure.

In addition to being able to make wheelchairs, the use of carbon fiber cloth is not limited to these. Carbon fiber cloth can be used in the cracks repair of bridges and houses. Because the carbon fiber cloth itself has great advantages in reinforcement and repair, which will save space and be convenient to construct; it does not need to construct other facilities on site, and its mass is smaller than steel; and because the chemical properties of carbon fiber cloth determine it not easy to be oxidized and is not easily corroded, the reinforcement effect and strength can be greatly improved.




Today, carbon fiber cloth has been widely used in various scenes. Mankate's seismic-reinforced carbon fiber cloth is recognized in the industry. It is used in large-scale aerospace subway projects and small school hospitals. If you are interested in Mankate carbon fiber cloth reinforcement, you can contact us immediately.

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