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This 200g carbon fiber cloth used by Yajule in Wuxi has been said to be good

Jun. 14, 2018

200g carbon fiber cloth to buy here, factory direct sales

Where can we buy 200g carbon fiber cloth? When a reinforcement project company in Nanjing was doing the carbon fiber board reinforcement project for Yajule in Wuxi,  they chose Nanjing Mankate with 15 years’ experience in carbon fiber cloth production. The batch of 200 square meters of 200g carbon fiber cloth, 60kg carbon fiber primer and 120kg carbon fiber impregnated glue purchased by this company were all shipped directly from the Nanjing Mankate’s factory. And it is the factory direct sales. Of course, the price is more fair. After receiving the goods, they were also very satisfied.



Nanjing Mankate 200g carbon fiber cloth has a good reputation all over the country.

Many people feel that the purchase of carbon fiber cloth on the Internet is of uneven quality and price. How can we buy 200g carbon fiber cloth that we feel satisfied with? Nanjing Mankate carbon fiber cloth is made of imported carbon filament and has tensile strength of up to 8 times than that of steel. It has a good reputation throughout the country. If you also want to purchase 200g carbon fiber cloth, Nanjing Mankate welcomes you to visit the factory, check the inspection data on site, and place an order after being satisfied.

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