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Anhui [school reinforcement] using this kind of 300g carbon fiber cloth for reconstruction and expansion

Jun. 12, 2018

This 300g carbon fiber cloth is used for reinforcement and expansion in schools.

In another school reinforcement project, Anhui Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. selected 300g of carbon fiber cloth produced by Nanjing Mankate. Many customers in other provinces have chosen to purchase carbon fiber cloth in Nanjing Mankate. It is excellent quality that makes Nanjing Mankate win the trust of customers again and again. This time, the company also purchased 500 square meters of 300g carbon fiber cloth and 510kg of carbon fiber glue at one time. Thanks to this choice of the construction company in Anhui, Nanjing Mankate will surely become your reliable supplier of carbon fiber cloth.

Carbon fiber cloth used in the subway

The carbon fiber cloth produced by Nanjing Mankate is made of imported carbon fiber. The bundles are straight with a smooth cloth surface. And the cutting is not scattered. The specific gravity is 23% of the steel. Its tensile strength is as high as 3800MPA, and the toughness is strong. It can be bent and formed without chemical corrosion and pollution. In addition, Nanjing Mankate’s carbon fiber cloth is all tested by inspection agencies, and the company issues an engineering warranty book. Random sampling of the goods to the site.



Nanjing Metro Line 3 used a lot of Nanjing Mankate's carbon fiber cloth and supporting carbon fiber glue for reinforcement. It is precisely because of the brand of Nanjing Mankate, there are more and more imitators emerging from all over the country and using poor products to cheat customers. We reminds everyone: Please log on the official website of Nanjing Mankate:

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