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The injection anchorage adhesive that is more suitable for high-speed rail is this one.

May. 21, 2018

Long-term cooperation customers, of course, also choose this injection type anchorage adhesive.

As a long-term cooperating customer, China Railway Group needs injection-type anchorage adhesive in the Changyi passenger special project, and immediately thinks of Nanjing Mankate. According to many years of Nanjing Mankate's experience in the production and sales, the reason why this MT500 injection anchorage adhesive is loved by users is summarized! MT500 injection anchorage adhesive is a high specification product developed by Nanjing Mankate especially for MTR high-speed railway. It can also be used under water. It has passed freeze-thaw testing, heat and moisture resistance test, and it has 50-year warranty. This product has been applied in many domestic subway projects. All tests are qualified and the customers give a high rating.


The injection anchorage adhesive that is more suitable for Chinese workers' habits is this one.

Nanjing Mankate MT500 injection type anchorage adhesive once defeated other imported and domestic brands when building the Suzhou Subway. At that time, because it was extremely humid underground and even had water. Under that environment it was very difficult to clear. But Nanjing Mankate MT500 injection-type anchorage adhesive defeated imported brands, because it is nano-materials. It is in line with the habits of Chinese workers.

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