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Selecting strengthened carbon fiber cloth for school, please choose to purchase Nanjing Mankate.

May. 03, 2018

One-stop shop for school reinforcement carbon fiber cloth 

The use of carbon fiber cloth to reinforce the school not only increases the safety of the school, but also brings a lot of convenience to the school. It does not have to endure the long-term construction problems, but also reduces much unnecessary maintenance work. Why not choose it?


For buying school reinforcement carbon fiber cloth, just choose Nanjing Mankate!

In Nanjing Mankate, there is a kind of carbon fiber cloth used for school reinforcement. Its strength is very high and its tensile strength is as high as 3,400 MPa or more. After reinforcement, it can greatly improve the structure’s durability, corrosion and shock resistance. And the carbon fiber has a light weight. The proportion is only 23% of the steel, and it basically does not increase the weight of the structure and the cross-sectional dimensions. It is flexible, easy to cut, and has a wide range of application. At the same time, the construction is simple and easy to operate. The construction period is short. A skilled worker can post more than 20 square meters a day.

Nanjing Mankate has a good reputation throughout the country.

Although there are many domestic brands of carbon fiber cloth, they are not really famous brands. Nanjing Mankate is a carbon fiber cloth manufacturer with 15 years of production experience. It has a modern production line, complete test and inspection equipment. It has passed strict safety certification. The products are rated as national famous products and have passed the field certification of Baidu strength manufacturer.

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