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Barreled anchorage adhesive should be more economical? And also be practical? Nanjing Mankate can give you all of these advantages.

Apr. 27, 2018

Mankate barreled anchorage adhesive is more affordable and practical.

There is a proverb that says you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Many people say that there is no such good thing that we can buy both affordable and practical barreled anchorage adhesive. We recommend you to come to Nanjing Mankate. Nanjing Mankate has factory direct sales. From the beginning of the raw materials, we adhere to each process for our customers and we will produce every kind of barreled anchorage adhesive with 200% of our efforts. It is factory direct sale, so the price is more favorable. There are also intimate Nanjing Mankate customer services to relieve all your worries.



Quality creates reputation and good products will get word-of-mouth.

Nanjing Mankate Company has passed the ISO quality system certification and its products are underwritten by Pingan Insurance Company. Mankate barreled anchorage adhesive is made of nano-filler, which is exquisitely colloid and can be injected with its matching guns. It has passed non-toxic certification and its warranty is for 50 years! The underwater series can also be constructed in the water and can be tested on site for free. If there is no good product and quality, Nanjing Luzhiyuan Construction and Engineering Co., Ltd. will not choose Nanjing Mankate to purchase barreled anchorage adhesive. The reason why Nanjing Mankate can be so popular is because of its reliable quality.

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