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What are the advantages of Nanjing Mankate most popular building anchorage adhesive?

Apr. 26, 2018

When purchasing building anchorage adhesive, you must want to find good-quality products that are economical. Therefore, there are many advantages in various aspects as a professional anchorage adhesive manufacturer. Today we will introduce to you a very popular product in the anchorage industry. MT-500 is a kind of special adhesive for underwater use. It adopts Taiwan South Asia epoxy resin, which is non-toxic and odorless. It has the advantages of shock resistance and impact resistance. More importantly, it has the ability to withstand high seawater and can be cured in water. It is a product that is specially used for anchoring underwater and concrete reinforcement.



Quality creates reputation and good products are more popular!

If there is no good product and quality, Chengdu Metro will not choose Nanjing Mankate's anchorage adhesive again and again. Chengdu Metro reordered 167 MT-500 anchorage adhesive. These are because Nanjing Mankate's anchorage adhesive is reliable and deeply rooted in people’s heart. In this regard, Nanjing Mankate will work even harder to pay back our customers.

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