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In Nanjing when it comes to the epoxy anchorage adhesive manufacturer, almost everyone first think of Nanjing Mankate.

Apr. 18, 2018

MT500 epoxy anchorage adhesive is non-toxic, odorless, shock-resistant, impact-resistant, fatigue-resistant, anti-humidity and anti-aging for 50 years, acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant and fireproof. It has passed the ISO quality system certification and underwritten by Ping An Insurance Company. Its underwater series can also be constructed in the water! It is a designated brand for subway, nuclear power, and high-speed rail. It has been successfully used in large projects such as Suzhou Metro, Nanjing Metro, and Kunyu High Speed Rail.


What are the advantages of Nanjing Mankate anchorage adhesive?

Nanjing Mankate anchorage adhesive has been used in the Suzhou Metro and has defeated other imported and domestic brands. At that time, it was extremely humid underground and even had water. Under that environment it was very difficult to clear the holes. But Nanjing Mankate MT500  epoxy anchorage adhesive has defeated other imported brands because Nanjing Mankate anchorage adhesive is made of nano-materials.



15 years of quality assurance; public praise has won ten million customer and approbate.

As an epoxy anchorage adhesive manufacturer, why so many customers choose Nanjing Mankate? Regular customers said this: "I believe Nanjing Mankate because the quality  of Nanjing Mankate anchorage adhesive is good, and the service is even more excellent." This is the customer's trust in Nanjing Mankate. Nanjing Mankate is obliged to provide customers with more satisfactory products and service!

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