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Can we use chemical anchor in humid environment?

Feb. 07, 2018

Recently, the whole country is becoming colder and colder. It snows or sleets in many places. This has caused much trouble to a lot of construction projects. Because the rain and snow will easily affect the reinforcement effect of the chemical anchor bolt. So is there any way to solve this problem? The answer is absolutely yes. Nanjing Mankate chemical anchor bolt can be used in humid environments or underwater. Let’s know it together.


Nanjing Mankate chemical anchor bolt is made of colloid and special alloy steel conical screw. This kind of colloid has passed the high demand of safety identification authentication! The series underwater can be effectively anchored in wet and water holes. It is suitable for a variety of concrete substrates. Therefore, now many southern regions or cross-sea and river bridges are using such chemical anchor bolt. 

Nanjing Mankate chemical anchor bolt can not only be used in humid and low temperature environment, but also can be welded in high temperature. It is suitable for cracking concrete and non-cracking concrete from C20 / 25 to C50 / 60.


As we can see, Mankate chemical anchor bolt can be widely used in many scenarios. It can be used in the subway tunnels, bridges, large-scale automatic parking garage, etc. Currently Nanjing Mankate has  types of M12 / M16 / M20 / M24 chemical anchor bolts. We can also customize your required products according to the various needs of your reinforcement. Do not fear the wet climate of rain and snow, fear of terrestrial or underwater environment, Nanjing Mankatechemical anchor, your best choice!

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