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Which situations do we use carbon fiber cloth and sticky steel glue reinforcement?

Jan. 15, 2018

Carbon fiber cloth and sticky steel glue reinforcement are all the mainstream reinforcement methods. And the basic principles of reinforcement are the same. They are attached to the building structure, form an unit with the structure and bear the stress together. Can these two reinforcement methods replace each other?


1.The tensile strength of Mankate carbon fiber cloth is 8 times than that of steel. If the structure of the building has greater deformation, we need to use greater strength  of carbon fiber cloth. But if the deformation strength is small, the disadvantage of carbon fiber cloth stress hysteresis is prominent. If the load difference between the building components is large, we prefer to use steel reinforcement.

2.The elastic modulus of carbon fiber and steel is basically the same. If the two have the same force value, the cross-section required for the steel-bonded reinforcement should be relatively large. The steel-bonded reinforcement for the promotion of the structural rigidity should be more than the carbon fiber cloth’s. If the two have the same bending resistance, the deflection and crack width of the bonded steel reinforcement are smaller than those of the carbon fiber reinforcement.

3.Carbon fiber cloth reinforcement can not increase the anchor bolts on the cloth surface. And it can not be welded. So if there is need for prestressed anchor or welding, bonded-steel reinforcement is more suitable.

4.If the environment which needs to be reinforced is relatively harsh, such as humidity and corrosion, it is recommended to use carbon fiber cloth. Carbon fiber cloth is corrosion-resistant compared with the steel.

 5. If the reinforcement structure is too complicated, it is recommended to use carbon fiber cloth. Carbon fiber cloth can be wound and suitable for all types of surfaces. 

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