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Constantly changing requirements, increasing complexity in various markets and high product diversity demand great flexibility and the ability to react quickly. ---- NJMKT is responsible for all aspects of the flow of goods, from our production plant to your warehouse or the construction site you are currently working on or other locations. ----You decide where you want the products to be delivered and just tell us! 

We are your reliable logistics partner, supplying you with ordered products and taking care of your order no matter how big or small. We deliver the items to you in time for your business. Your order will leave our plant on the same day and is then shipped to you according to local conditions. We can deliver to any address, either by our own logistics truck or by forwarding agent or by parcel service.

If you need some products in a hurry, tell us and we will get them to you. We help support your work schedule by offering various delivery options according to market. Sometimes, NJMKT factory delivers the goods at night for customers urgent use.